Iron Beans with Vegetables

  Print Recipe 5 from 1 reviews Cuisine: African Recipe type: Lunch Ingredients 1 cup iron beans, picked 1 medium size smoked fish of your choice, deboned 2½ tablespoons pure olive oil 1 small size red onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, crushed 1 bunch spinach, roughly chopped 1 bunch pumpkin leaf, roughly chopped salt to taste Preparation Put beans in a clean […]

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Fish and Prawn Stew

Print Recipe 5 from 1 reviews Fish and Prawn Stew Cuisine: African Recipe type: Lunch Cook time:  20 mins Total time:  20 mins Ingredients 1 tbsp grapeseed oil 1 onion, finely chopped 3 garlic cloves, grated or finely chopped 5 sticks celery, chopped 2 carrots, chopped 1 pinch salt 3-6 drops of thyme essential oil 4 tomatoes, skinned and cut into sizes […]

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Potato Porridge with Fresh Cat Fish

Print Recipe 5 from 1 reviews Potato Porridge with Fresh Cat Fish Ingredients Medium size fresh cat fish. 4 irish potato cut into desired pieces 1 medium size chopped onion 2 medium size chopped tomato 1 tbsps fresh ginger paste ½ tsp black pepper 2 medium size red fresh pepper, chopped 2 bay leaves 1 cooking spoon of grapeseed oil […]

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